Dependable Microbiological Testing

When it comes to microbiological testing, rely on Sure-BioChem Laboratories, LLC, for accurate, dependable testing. Our testing service offers a wide array of testing for various microorganisms.
Particle Counts

Environmental Monitoring:

When it comes to keeping your cleanroom’s environment pure, we offer a number of monitoring and testing procedures. 
Some of the main services we offer are:
  • Particle Counts
  • Microbial Count of Air Samples
  • Microbial Count of Surface Samples
  • Sampling of Personnel
  • Identification of Microorganisms
  • Compressed Air Monitoring
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Microbial Testing:

Our testing services for microorganisms look for total aerobic microbial, total yeast, and total mold counts. We use both DNA sequencing and Maldi-Tof™ testing to confirm microorganism identification. Some examples of microorganisms we can look for include:
  • Candida albicans
  • Escherichia coli
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Salmonella
  • Identification of Microorganisms
Testing for Salmonella

Examination of Water Samples Includes:

  • Total Viable Aerobic Count
  • Identification of Isolates
  • Bacterial Endotoxins
Additional Testing Includes:

Standard Plate Counts

Measures the complete amount of aerobic bacterial, mold and yeasts. This test is ideal for various non-sterile products, supplements, pharmaceutical materials, and etc. This test is recommended by USP General Chapter 61, USP General Chapter 1227, and the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM).

Growth Promotion

Establishes the capability of multiple agar media that can to endure the growth of various or specified microorganisms. This process can be tested on all agar media, give quantitatively or qualitatively results, and can provide pH verification of the media.


Measures amount of microbial organisms found on different medical/pharmaceutical products and can serve as an indicator for potential contaminants that can cause production issues.

Antimicrobial Preservative Efficacy

Determines the validity antimicrobial preservatives used in different aspects as well as preventing growth of microbial contaminants in different products that could potential be used on the body.
In efficacy testing, we test a microbial assay of antibiotics, using both diffusion and turbidimetric methods. These processes test for growth inhibition on an agar plate or in media (determination of MIC). All these tests are standardized or tailor-made, depending on your choice.

Bacterial Endotoxin Test

Analysis of identifying and measuring the amount of bacterial endotoxins. Testing includes LAL Test (Gel Clot, Turbidimetric Technique), Validation of Depyrogenation with Dry Heat and Validation/Test for Interfering Factors.

Sterility Tests

USP sterility testing to determine if a given sample lot is sterile or not sterile including direct inoculation, membrane filtration and method suitability testing. After we do the sterility tests, we evaluate the application of the sterilization process of bio-indicators. These microbiological tests are necessary for performance qualifications of sterilization processes.

USP Microbial Limits Testing

Testing to determine the bioburden of given pharmaceutical manufacturing samples, determining the number of total aerobic organisms. as well as the total number of yeasts, and molds. Testing also examines samples for "objectionable organisms".

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