Environmental  Monitoring

When it comes to having environmental monitoring that you can trust, turn to the team at Sure-BioChem Laboratories, LLC. Our monitoring service provides microbiology support, advice, and training.

Microbial Monitoring

We are actively involved in analyzing environmental report trending and finding the root cause of issues where microbial levels are exceeded. Our support for this service covers knowledge of different testing methods, and the analyzing of environmental results. We can also provide support to regain control of environments when out-of-spec results are yielded or to simply maintain control of regulated environments.
Adherence to Industry Standards
Microbiology is a major component of pharmaceutical and medical device industries. A critical element of our company’s monitoring focuses on helping you adhere to the best industry standards. We provide you with extra assurance that any microbial irregularities can be immediately corrected and that state and federal regulations are maintained.
Microbial support is necessary for a variety of reasons. 
Here are a few of them:
  • Advise on Changes in Policies and Procedures
  • Ensures a High Standard of GMP Is Adhered To
  • Support Corrective and Preventive Action Process
  • Improving the Standards of the Cleanroom and Personnel Awareness
  • Issues That May Arise within the Cleanroom
  • Experienced External Advice
  • Prepares Clients for Regulatory Body Audits
  • Provide Objective Evidence through a Written Report
Monitoring Support
Establishing a valid and comprehensive monitoring plan is crucial for your cleanroom and its products. For this, we support you with a number of monitoring support activities, including:
  • Establishing Alert and Action Limits
  • Establishing New Environmental Monitoring Plans
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Selection of Microbiological Sampling Method
  • Maintaining a Library of Microbial Organisms
  • Maintaining and Supporting Existing Plans
  • Supporting Investigations on Spec Result
  • Reporting Trending
  • Sampling Map
  • Sampling Frequency
  • Sampling Locations
  • Writing and Updating Current Environmental Monitoring Policies and Procedures
Contact us to hire our team to help you set up your chemical monitoring and environmental monitoring procedures.
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