Microbiological Analysis

Sure-BioChem Laboratories' team of experienced microbiologists can perform the following analysis for lot release testing, product validations, facility and process validations and more:

Environmental Monitoring

Measures and observes various microbial organisms via different surface and air samplers, necessity of Good Manufacturing Practices.


Measures amount of microbial organisms found on different medical products, and can serve as an indicator for potential contaminants that can cause production issues.

Bacterial Endotoxin Testing

Analysis of identifying and measuring the amount of bacterial endotoxins. Ideally this test is used for medical devices or products that interact with different body systems. Periodic observations of different water systems and materials help to reduce the chance of endotoxins in final products.

Microbial Identification

Identification of different microbial contaminants in products or the environment.

Antimicrobial Preservative Efficacy Testing

Determines the validity antimicrobial preservatives used in different aspects as well as preventing growth of microbial contaminants in different products that could potential be used on the body.

Disinfectant Testing

Confirms the effectiveness of different disinfectants used against various microorganisms. This test is important in terms of placing new disinfectant products on the market and for using in controlled areas. This test is not just subjected to industrial disinfectants and fungicides.

Water Testing

Assessment of microorganism and chemical contaminates to maintain water purity as a part of Good Manufacturing Practices. Various types of water can be tested like deionized, processed, and purified.

Environmental and Evaluation of Water Systems

Assesses and confirms purified water requirements are met. This process involves testing for various chemicals and BET levels. Testing meets the USP water monograph and is performed on water and bulk water.

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