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Don’t let the risk of contamination ruin your company’s business. Turn to the trusted cleanroom specialists at Sure-BioChem Laboratories, LLC, in Camden, New Jersey. Our staff offers full-service cleanroom training to help your employees know how to handle any contaminations.
Contamination Control
When it comes to contamination control, Sure-BioChem have the best response practices available. These practices are an essential element of working within cleanroom environments and are vitally important to many industries. Our training emphasizes the goals of creating a thorough core understanding of the impacts contamination has on a cleanroom.
Our training creates a fundamental awareness and understanding amongst personnel as to how they, and their processes, behaviors, methods, and practices contribute to contamination. We also teach how to minimize and prevent contamination levels.
  • Address Issues in the Cleanroom
  • Cleanroom Clothing and Gowning Practices
  • Controls to Minimize Contamination During Setup
  • Corrective Actions
  • Rolling Out Changes in Policies and Procedures
  • Effective Cleaning of Surfaces and Equipment
  • Ensuring a High Standard of GMP
  • Implementing a Preventative Action Process
  • Improving Current Standards
  • Seeking External Opinion and Independent Feedback
  • Monitoring and Measuring the Performance of the Cleanroom
  • Personal Behavior and Hygiene
  • Preparing Staff for Regulatory Body Audits
  • Supporting Root Cause Analysis
  • Transfer of Materials into the Cleanroom
  • Human Error, Quality Events & Process
  • A GMP Approach to the Detection, Correction & Prevention of Human Errors.
  • ICH Q8, Q9 & Q10 as a Preventive Quality Tool in the Pharma Industry.
  • An FDA Regulatory Perspective to Training Effectiveness
  • An FDA Regulatory Approach to Six Sigma for Business Excellence.
  • Meeting FDA and GMP Requirements
  • Data Integrity in Microbiology and Chemistry Laboratories.
  • Equipment Qualifications
  • Computer System Validation (CSV)
  • Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures (21 CFR Part 11)
Who Should Attend
Any person in the organization or service sector involved in working with cleanroom environments will find our training useful. Some of our main clients include:
  • Cleaning
  • Construction Workers
  • Engineering
  • Facilities
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Packing
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Security Staff
  • Warehouse
Cleanroom Auditing
Prior to organizing an in-house training program, we conduct a cleanroom audit to examine any specific problems or issues that are in your cleanroom. Our facilitator is able to then tailor the training program to suit your needs.

A detailed report featuring observations, suggestions, and recommendations is submitted to you as to how the standard GMP can be improved. Any suggestions or changes adopted by you can then be implemented as a standard element of your on-going training program.

Afterwards, a follow-up audit can be conducted to make sure the recommended modifications in control practices are being properly implemented. We offer ongoing guidance and support as part of our maintenance services.
Contact us to hire our cleanroom team for all your cleanroom cleaning and training needs.
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