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Mission and Value Statement:

Sure-BioChem Laboratories, LLC is a contract testing organization partnering with the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and environmental industries as an efficient outsourcing solution. The mission of Sure-BioChem Laboratories is to provide the highest quality microbiological and chemical testing services to improve the success of research, shorten the time of product development/manufacturing and help protect the global environment. 

In our daily quest for excellence, we embrace our culture of discipline and integrity as we strive to live by the following principles:

  • A commitment to flexible responses to demands and continuous improvement
  • An unwavering determination to exceed expectations
  • Delivering the highest quality and rigorous testing standards 
  • Pledging to establish lasting relationships with our customers by gaining their trust through exceptional performance

Sure-BioChem Laboratories exists to offer our customer’s unparalleled capabilities with first in class customer service and to produce testing " Results you can be sure of. "

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